direct Cremation Comparative Pricing

Direct Cremation Comparative Pricing

Do you know the difference between a $3000 cremation and a $795 cremation?…”Profit”


Tampa Cremation $795 Family-owned “Recommended by most hospices and hospitals”
A Life Tribute $2380 Corporation
Sun City Center Funeral Home $2995 Corporation
Boza & Roel $2511 Corporation
Zipperer Funeral Home $1275
Florida Mortuary $1435 Corporation
Hillsborough Memorial $2800 Corporation
Loyless F.H $2250 Corporation
National Cremation Society $2195 Corporation
MacDonald F.H $1399 Corporation
Segal F.H $1875
Serenity Meadows $2099 Corporation
Stowers F.H $2600 Corporation
truths about the cremation

The Truths About Cremation

A growing number of families here in the Tampa Bay area are struggling to honor their loved ones’ needs and wishes, and nearly 75% of all decedents in this area are being cremated. With the price of cremation continuing to rise, we at Tampa Cremation and Burial Service are doing our very best to make this process as affordable as possible for you at your time of need.

Many of the family-owned funeral homes who brought the best value to the market are now being bought out by corporate entities, and others have inflated their prices by almost 500 percent. The cremation process is simple, but does take some time, and we would like to educate you on the process. Once your loved one passes away, they are generally transported to a care center to be placed in cool storage until the time of cremation, which is required by the state. They will remain there until all the proper documentation has been filed and the cremation authorization is issued by the county. This will take approximately 7 to 10 business days if your loved one was not initially secured from the medical examiner’s office. Once the care center receives the authorization to cremate, cremation will then be conducted.

These are the approximate charges:

    • Transfer from place of death to the care center: $50 to $150
    • Cremation authorization from the medical examiner’s office, depending on the county: $50 to $60
    • Crematory’s (care center) charge to the funeral home: $185 to $225
      • If the funeral home owns their own crematory: approximately $65.
    • Total cost for the funeral home: Approximately $425 or less

Our cremation service will cost you $795 (see our comparative pricing list). We pride ourselves on our outstanding service and affordable prices. Please do your due diligence in asking questions, because we are not all the same. Thank you for stopping by and please let us know how we can help you.

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