direct Cremation Comparative Pricing

Direct/ Immediate Cremation


The family would advise the care provider (hospital, care center, etc.) to contact Tampa Cremation and Burial Service. In a timely manner, your loved one will be brought into our care. We will contact the next of kin within a few hours to schedule a time that works best for you. During the arrangement process we will gather the proper information and signatures for all required professional forms. For your convenience, this can be done either in person, by email or over the phone. There is an additional cost if the decedent is over 300lbs.

Do you know the difference between a $3000 cremation and a $795 cremation?...”Profit”

We have done the comparative pricing for you

Tampa Cremation $795 Family-owned “Recommended by most hospices and hospitals”
A Life Tribute $2380 Corporation
Sun City Center Funeral Home $2995 Corporation
Boza & Roel $2511 Corporation
Brewer and Son $2795
Zipperer Funeral Home $1275
Florida Mortuary $1435 Corporation
Hillsborough Memorial $2800 Corporation
Loyless F.H $2250 Corporation
National Cremation Society $2195 Corporation
MacDonald F.H $1399 Corporation
Segal F.H $1875 Corporation
Serenity Meadows $2099 Corporation
Stowers F.H $2600 Corporation

Please be advised that these prices are subject to change at any time. Feel free to explore these prices yourself on their websites.

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